“All about Loving the other Being, is loving your deepest Self” Paula Collewijn


My name is Paula Collewijn, born in 1978, the year of The Horse.

Over the years, I have tought myself to create profound Art, which is an amazing journey, as Art mirrors the soul of the artist.

I specialise in painting, drawing and sculpturing animals and humans and I use different formats, styles and techniques.

For example, I use pastel pencils, graphite pencils, charcoal (black and white contrasts), sepia (brown and white contrasts) and oil paint. In oil paint I create realistic paintings and more expressive paintings. Furthermore abstract creations.

I find it important that the final creation shows a lot of feelings, profound feelings. So it is not only an image but it should have a soul. The portrait shown should be recognised and make a connection. I also design a unique logo for your company.  on base of a drawing or painting. For me the animal or human is the centre piece and the spirit completes the artwork.

I found a lot of inspiration from the works of the old Masters, like Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt and Theodore Gericault. My own ‘touch’ to the creation comes from my heart, the source of inspiration.

My work is based on creating several layers which produce a real life portrait with a coat and muscles that you could touch. The eyes are for me the mirrors of the soul and I add an intensity that communicates the character of the animal or human being

Often I receive beautiful compliments stating that my creation is not only an accurate image but that it represents a lot more, That is exactly what I aim for, I want my work  to ‘speak’. That is my contribution to our world, for my love of Animals and the Arts.

You can find more information about my vision on the following link: More about the artist

Paula Collewijn