About The Artist - My vision 


Paula is a dedicated artist, born in 1978 in Naarden, The Netherlands, and is a pure autodidact. She trust in a universal energy, which all living beings are connected to and can access.  'We should utilise this energy to liberate ourselves from the limitations of the suppressed world we live in, and free the strength and capabilities we all have. We will then achieve a high level of self confidence and inner peace.


This will make it easier to accept our being and live our lives in our universe in harmony and with the best intentions.'

Paula has a strong passion for animals, which are very valuable in our life. 'They can help us, if we allow them, to learn about ourselves. They can make us aware of our sub conscious behaviour.'


'Animals live in the present, not in the past or in the future. They are directly connected to the life essentials and we can learn from that. They feel our energy and tune in. When they give us their trust, it is our task to use that trust with respect and not to take advantage of it.'


Paula aims to use the painting, drawing and sculpturing of animals to show, and make us feel, their life essentials. She would like to visualise what the animals try to tell us: ‘connect yourself with the universal energy, let it be and trust it’.


When you look at Paula’s work, you might see a question, recognition or a complete answer. She wishes whole heartedly that her message will reach many people and that it will increase the development of consciousness.


She feels that her great passion for animals and her love for her artistic achievements is her purpose in life and her contribution to all of us.


* The collection inspired by horses is called ‘The Art of Horses’, ‘The Art of Dogs' is the name of the collection inspired by dogs and ‘The Art of Cats’ is the name of the collection inspired by cats. She also makes portraits of all other animals and humans.